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Finding An Effective and Safe Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy Treatment

Bacterial vaginosis, or BV, strikes a lot of women and, contrary to popular belief, it's not always transmitted just by sex.  So, if you have it, you aren't alone and you have no reason to be embarrassed.  BV, luckily, can be treated, but it often comes back.  That's especially true if you use antibiotics to treat it in the first place.  That's why you may want to consider finding a bacterial vaginosis home remedy treatment, instead.

Antibiotic Issues:

One of the biggest issues with treating BV using antibiotics is that BV is a bacterial imbalance.  You see, your vagina contains a lot of good bacteria and it's only when bad bacteria invade that BV occurs.  Well, antibiotics kill all of the bacteria indiscriminately.  So, yes, your BV will be gone, but your pH balance will still be completely destroyed and you're likely to get BV back again, or to have a number of other medical problems.

a woman taking a pillAnother issue with antibiotics is that they only work if certain conditions are true.  First, you have to have bacterial vaginosis, not a form of vaginosis caused by a virus.  Second, you have to complete the full course of antibiotics, not just stop when you feel better.  Third, you need to not have a built up immunity to antibiotics.  Many people's bodies get accustomed to antibiotics over time.

As if all of that weren't enough, antibiotics are expensive, can contain harsh chemicals and can cause nasty side effects.  For example, they might make you vomit, break out in a rash or give you horrible headaches.  If none of that sounds good to you then you now know why a bacterial vaginosis home treatment might be a better option.

Treating The Symptoms:

Treating the symptoms of BV at home is fairly easy.  For example, a case of BV can cause a lot of vaginal swelling and inflammation.  A simple cold compress applied to the area can often relieve some of the discomfort.

If a cold compress doesn't work well enough, you do have other options.  One of those options is to apply an all natural aloe vera gel to the area.  Aloe vera gel is soothing, cooling and has anti-inflammatory properties.  It can even kill some of the bad bacteria that are causing your BV outbreak.

If you are suffering from cramping, bloating or general BV-related discomfort, you can try taking a niacin supplement or eating foods that are high in niacin.  Niacin relieves cramps and reduces pain.

Another way to treat the cramping and bloating associated with BV is to increase your intake of omega-6 fatty acid.  You can do that by eating more of certain foods, such as fish.  However, it may be more convenient to take a supplement that contains evening primrose, which is a great source of omega-6 fatty acid.

Treating The BV Itself:

Of course, if you want to get rid of BV entirely, you have to do more than just treat the individual symptoms of it.  Instead, you have to find cures for the bacterial infection.  Luckily, there are many great ways to do that right in your own home.


For one thing, you can try drinking more cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplement pills.  Cranberry has long been touted as an herbal remedy for urinary tract health.  It's also known for vaginal health. 

That's because cranberry prevents harmful bacteria from clinging to the vaginal walls or the bladder walls.  So, taking more cranberry can help to either get rid of or prevent a BV outbreak.

Iron is also an important component in the natural curing of bacterial vaginosis.  BV can often cause unwanted bleeding and iron is needed to replace lost blood and prevent lethargy, tiredness and other problems that can come from blood loss.

Another way to treat BV as a whole is to get more vitamin C in your daily diet.  Vitamin C is capable of helping iron and evening primrose to work better and be absorbed more efficiently.  It can also do the same for calcium, which can reduce pain and cramping from BV.  Vitamin C also has a lot of merits of its own, since it can ward off colds, fight infections and boost your immune system.  That will leave your body better equipped to prevent or get rid of bacterial vaginosis.

Preventing Future Outbreaks:

Once you have your BV cured, it's important to know how to prevent future outbreaks of BV.  One way to do that is not to share clothing, especially underwear, with other women.  Also, your own underwear should always be clean cotton underwear.  That will allow your vagina to “breathe” and prevent bacterial growth, which occurs when an area is too hot, moist and dark.

You can also prevent future BV problems by reducing how often you douche.  Many people feel the need to douche all the time.  While douching does have some benefits, you shouldn't over do it.  When you douche, you run the risk of removing healthy bacteria that your vagina actually needs, especially if you douche too often.

You also need to be careful about what kind of douche you do.  Chemical or fragrance-filled douches are unhealthy for your vaginal region.  If you have BV, certain douches containing natural products, like apple cider vinegar, may be beneficial.  However, if you're simply trying to prevent BV in the future, you should really minimize the douching.

When it comes right down to it, you shouldn't use just one bacterial vaginosis home treatment.  Instead, you should use an approach that includes multiple home remedies and home prevention methods.  In particular, you should focus on finding a great multivitamin or supplement for BV prevention.

Instant Bacterial Vaginosis Relief is one BV treatment program that you may want to look into.  It is a complete program designed to show you not just one bacterial vaginosis home remedy treatment, but dozens of ways to prevent or cure BV. 

Instat BV Relief

The best part is that it is a natural program based on supporting your body with herbal remedies and common sense, not damaging antibiotics and man-made chemical treatment methods.