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Hydrogen Peroxide For Bacterial Vaginosis Relief

Is hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis relief really a good idea?  Well, it can be.  Before you try it, however, you should understand a bit about how it works.  So, let's look at how hydrogen peroxide works, as it relates to BV control.

How BV Starts:

hydrogen peroxide for bvBV is an infection that starts when bad bacteria become more prominent than good bacteria in the vagina.  That means that curing the infection has to do with restoring the pH balance and getting the chemistry to even out.  In other words, you have to give the good bacteria a chance to grow and thrive again.


Lactobacillus is one of the good bacteria types in the vaginal region.  It is responsible for doing two key things to keep the vagina healthy.  The first is that it creates lactic acid.  Lactic acid is a substance that creates acidity within the vagina.  That acidity keeps bad bacteria from growing, at least under normal circumstances.

The second important thing about lactobacillus is that it actually creates tiny amounts of hydrogen peroxide.  Studies indicate that the hydrogen peroxide protects the cells of the vaginal walls and lining from all sorts of infections, including bacterial vaginosis.

Where The Problem Comes In:

The problem comes in when foreign bacteria are introduced to the vagina.  That can tip the scales in favor of bad bacteria, which can create a bacterial vaginosis infection.  There are several ways that bad bacteria could get a foothold in your vaginal region.

Sex, for example, can lead to bacterial infections.  In fact, if you have unprotected sex, you are much more likely to develop an infection.  Also, if you already have an infection, you shouldn't have sex.  You might make your own infection worse or pass it to your partner.

Wearing underwear that is too constricting, made out of the wrong material or dirty can also create or aggravate an infection.  So, if your mother ever told you to always wear clean underwear, it's worth listening to her.

A Hydrogen Peroxide Douche:

Some people think that a hydrogen peroxide douche is not necessarily a good idea.  The theory is that it will flush all bacteria out of the body, including the good kind.  However, if you do have BV already, you need to get rid of the bad bacteria and the good bacteria have already been greatly reduced or outnumbered.

The nice thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it can give the vaginal walls more protection and clean out the bad bacteria.  Essentially, that will allow your body to start from scratch with a balanced pH.  All you need to do is use a solution of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water to douche once a day for a week.

The Natural Process Versus The Unnatural Process:

Since hydrogen peroxide is produced in the vagina naturally, a hydrogen peroxide douche is much less problematic than other non-natural possibilities.  For example, you might try taking antibiotics to treat BV, but antibiotics come with a lot of problems.

Flagyl and Clindamycin are two of the most popular antibiotics for BV.  Unlike using hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis relief, those two antibiotics can create more problems than they fix.  Antibiotics can cause bad diarrhea, life-threatening intestinal problems and other harsh side effects.  That's why many people opt for a more natural approach.

The other big problem with antibiotics, aside from the fact that they kill good and bad bacteria equally and come with side effects, is that they don't tend to really cure BV.  They can make it go away, but it often returns within a couple of months.

Secondary problems:

There are several secondary problems with antibiotics.  The expense is one issue.  Another is that people can develop resistances to antibiotics.  Also, if you have an active sex life, you should know that condoms can actually be damaged by the presence of the Clindamycin antibiotic.  So, clearly a hydrogen peroxide douche is less risky.

How Often You Should Use The Hydrogen Peroxide Douche:

There are several opinions about how long you should use a hydrogen peroxide douche.  Most people agree that you should try it once or twice a day for 3 to 5 days.  Some theories call for a week of douching.  The best idea is to ask your doctor for a recommendation.

Other Aspects Of Warding Off BV:

There are certain other aspects of warding off BV that you also shouldn't ignore.  Hydrogen peroxide can have great healing powers, but there are many other herbs, vitamins and minerals that can keep BV from taking hold or get rid of it once it is present.

Beta-carotene, for example, is extremely good for vaginal health.  It is capable of strengthening the normal mucus within the vagina and protecting your immune system, in general.  In fact, beta-carotene can also strengthen your bones, your cartilage and your skin.  That makes it a fabulous multipurpose treatment method for BV.

You also need to be extra careful about how you treat BV if you are pregnant.  Certain treatments, such as beta-dine, are not going to be good for you or your child.  So, you need to consult your doctor for professional advice.

A Full-Body, Full-Life Solution:

Pregnant or not, what you need to deal with recurring BV or to keep BV from coming back is a full-body, full-life solution.  You have to change your lifestyle a bit and be willing to utilize an approach that involves several different aspects.  So, you'll need to find a product that can get you working toward that goal.

The Ultimate Guide To Hydrogen Peroxide For Bacterial Vaginosis ReliefOne such product is called "The Ultimate Guide To Hydrogen Peroxide For Bacterial Vaginosis Relief".  It's an all natural treatment regime created by people with knowledge of how to bring balance to the body. 

The idea is to use natural methods to achieve success.  That will cut back on risks and time that may be spent on traditional medical options. 

In fact, the The Ultimate Guide To Hydrogen Peroxide For Bacterial Vaginosis Relief program provides a step-by-step guide to using hydrogen peroxide to cure BV, as well as other great treatment tips using natural herbs and simple remedies.

A lot can be learned from traditional holistic medicine.  So, why not use that knowledge along with hydrogen peroxide for bacterial vaginosis relief? 

In no time at all, you should see a dramatic reduction in the itching, burning, unpleasant smells and other symptoms of BV.