Natural Bacterial Vaginosis Cures

Bacterial vaginosis is a particularly annoying condition.  It can also be hazardous to your over all health, especially if you don't catch it early.  Most doctors recommend a one or two-week antibiotic treatment to “cure” it.  However, natural bacterial vaginosis cures are much more likely to actually keep your BV from coming back.

Antibiotics And Vaginosis:

First of all, you need to understand that there's more than one form of vaginosis.  If you have infections vaginosis, rather than bacterial vaginosis, antibiotics won't help you at all.  Antibiotics only kill off bacteria, not viral infections, such as the type of vaginosis that you could get from unprotected sex.

Antibiotics are also notorious for only treating symptoms of diseases and disorders, not root causes.  In fact, it seems like the medical profession is fond of prescribing antibiotics for almost everything, but only to manage the symptoms.  Eventually, many of the conditions that antibiotics are used to treat do come back. 

Bacterial Vaginosis has a habit of coming back.  Also, antibiotics have a habit of losing their effectiveness over time.  So, that's all the more reason to explore natural bacterial vaginosis cures.


Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body.  They're also essential for fighting off BV and keeping it from coming back forever.  Vitamin A is one great example of that.  It is great at fighting bad bacteria off.  It can also give your immune system more strength and stability.  That means that you'll be less prone to getting BV again later on.

Vitamin E is another great BV treatment.  It can relieve some of the pain that comes along with bacterial vaginosis.  It can also bring permanent bacterial vaginosis relief, since it is a powerful antioxidant and can keep your body in top condition.

Another good vitamin to help you get over BV is vitamin B-6.  Bacterial vaginosis causes cramping and some bleeding.  Vitamin B-6 is great at helping in the creation of healthy cells and at reducing swelling.  It can even relieve cramping, which is often a symptom of BV.

There are many other great vitamins that can relieve the discomfort of BV and even cure it for good.  All you have to do is find the right vitamin combination.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to take a supplement that contains several of the best BV-relieving vitamins all rolled into one convenient tablet.


If you are planning to take a supplement for BV, don't forget to also include some important minerals.  For example, zinc is vital for your health.  In fact, everyone should get their recommended daily dose of zinc, whether they have BV or not.

As far as zinc as a treatment for bacterial vaginosis goes, what makes it fabulous is that it boosts the immune system.  Zinc allows T cells to do their job, which is fighting off infections and bad bacteria within the body.  In fact, zinc can also prevent other infections, such as pneumonia, not just BV.

Zinc is actually found in fish, poultry, eggs and a lot of other foods.  So, you can change your diet to get the right daily supply of zinc, if you want to.  However, it may be easier to just take a supplement that contains zinc.  That's especially true if you are already planning to take a supplement that contains other BV-fighting ingredients.

Magnesium is another great mineral for BV relief.  It can ease pain, relax muscles and even reduce cramps.  You can't cure BV with magnesium alone, but you can ease a lot of the symptoms.  Not only that, but you can do so without the harsh side effects of antibiotics and commercial medications.

Iron is another of the great natural bacterial vaginosis cures, or at lease another of the components of a great cure.  The bleeding that is sometimes caused by BV can often be controlled by getting more iron in your diet.  You can do that by means of foods that you eat or taking supplements.


Treating bacterial vaginosis with herbs can also be quite beneficial for your health.  Garlic is one great example.  You might think of it as more of a cooking spice than a curative herb, but it is capable of quite a bit.  It can lower cholesterol, reduce heart attack risks and, of course, help to cure viral and bacterial infections.

Another great herb is red raspberry.  It has a cooling effect, which instantly relaxes the vagina and relieves pain.  It can also reduce discharge from your vagina, which is another common problem that comes with BV.   In fact, it can also reduce swelling, tenderness, cramps and spasms in the vagina.

One of the great things about red raspberry is that it contains so many of the best vitamins and minerals for immune system support.  Niacin, vitamin C and Manganese are all present in red raspberry.  They all have their own curative properties and they can be especially good for your skin, as well as for your vaginal health.

A Well-Rounded Treatment Approach:

There are many different natural BV cures that you can try.  The best thing, however, is to take a well-rounded treatment approach.  No one treatment is a magic cure all.  That's why you need to make some simple lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, take the right supplements and bring balance to your entire body.

If you want the best advice on a well-rounded treatment plan for BV, you may want to try a product called Instant Bacterial Vaginosis Relief.  It can walk you through exactly what to do to achieve success.  That includes what to eat, what supplements to take and even what fabrics to wear.  So, you'll have the best chance at making sure that your BV never returns.

Remember that natural bacterial vaginosis cures are much more likely to work than antibiotics.  They're also much less likely to cause harsh side effects.  However, that doesn't mean that you should drop your guard entirely.  It's still important to work closely with your doctor to monitor your over all health.