Natural Remedies Bacterial Vaginosis Responds To

1Bacterial vaginosis, which is also known as BV, is a very uncomfortable condition.  It causes feminine itching and odor that can be almost unbearable at times.  It can also cause a burning sensation and, if left uncontrolled, it can lead to other major medical problems.  That's why it's so important to know all about the natural remedies bacterial vaginosis responds to.

Why You Should Choose Natural Remedies Bacterial Vaginosis:

It is true that you can treat BV with antibiotics, pharmaceutical ointments and similar methods.  So, why should you choose natural remedies for BV?  Well, the best reason is that natural remedies won't make the problem worse or create new problems.

You see, antibiotics and man-made chemical creams usually treat symptoms of BV, not the cause.  The cause is an imbalance of bacteria within the body.  Bad bacteria take over, creating odor, itching and inflammation.  A cream that only treats the itchiness is not really going to do you any good.

As for antibiotics, they do kill off the bad bacteria, which can temporarily get rid of BV.  However, the problem is that they also kill all of the lactobacillus and other good bacteria in the vaginal region.  That means that you'll be leaving yourself wide open for another attack of BV to hit or for any one of a number of other medical conditions to strike.  Why risk that when you can cure BV naturally and not leave yourself open to trouble?

Helping To Restore The Balance:

Natural bacterial vaginosis remedies work with your body chemistry and restore the balance.  In fact, many natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis have other healing properties.  So, they can help you to boost your over all health, not just find a cure for BV.


Your diet can play a huge role in whether or not you develop bacterial vaginosis.  Changing your diet can also help you to cure BV or keep it from coming back, if you have already had it.  One simple change you can make is to avoid or severely limit certain foods.  Some of them include:

  • Red Meats
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
Foods That Needs To Avoid During Bacterial Vaginosis

Sugar is a particular problem because bacteria feed on it.  So, if you already have BV and you eat a lot of sugar, it's likely to be a very severe case.  Too much sugar in your system can also make it easier for BV to start in the first place.  So, a low-sugar diet could help you to stay BV-free.

Iron is also a major issue.  It is found in high concentrations in red meats and it is also a great food source for bad bacteria.  So, if you're trying to kick a BV infection, you may want to limit your intake of iron.

What You Should Eat, Instead:

Instead, you should eat more folate (folic acid) and more vitamins, especially vitamin E.  Those are both natural remedies bacterial vaginosis responds to quite well.  Folic acid, for example, can boost the immune system.  That will make you less susceptible to bacterial infections.  At the same time, folic acid is known for reducing the risks of heart attacks, cancer and even birth defects, if women take folic acid while pregnant.

As for vitamin E, it has great anti-bacterial properties.  So, that makes it wonderful for treating BV.  Meanwhile, it also supports your entire body.  So, it can reduce heart attacks, strokes and other ailments, just like folic acid.  That makes it a multipurpose natural treatment.

You can get vitamin E and folic acid from a number of foods.  However, it's found in high concentrations mainly in leafy vegetables.  Folic acid is also found in leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli.  However, it can also be found in some fruits, like oranges, in sunflower seeds and in egg yolks.

Other Great Healing Foods:

Garlic is another thing that you should definitely add to your diet.  It has a way of warding off bad bacteria.  In fact, the same thing that gives garlic its strong odor makes it a natural home remedy.  Eating more garlic can even help you to avoid catching common colds, according to some studies.

Then there's yogurt, which is the ultimate of the dietary natural remedies bacterial vaginosis responds to.  Yogurt is full of good bacteria.  So, eating yogurt, or even inserting it directly into the vagina, is like sending in more army troops to kick the bad bacteria out.

Herbal Supplements:

Herbal supplements are natural BV remedies that contain herbs, vitamins and minerals to support the body.  So, if you can't get enough folic acid, vitamin E or other vitamins and minerals from food, you may want to consider taking a supplement.  Many supplements are designed specifically for the treatment of BV.  So, they contain evening primrose, garlic, echinacea, beta carotene or other BV-reducing ingredients.

You Are Not Alone:

BV can often feel like an isolating disease.  It's uncomfortable and embarrassing.  It will also put a temporary stop to your sex life.  So, you might be feeling a bit lost, if you have BV.  You don't need to feel that way, though, since you aren't alone.  Many women have to contend with BV and there are plenty of treatment methods for it, as you can see.

Instant BV Relief

If you really want to find the best natural remedies for it, you need to look for a full BV natural treatment system,  not just one BV remedy here and another there. 

A full system can offer step by step plans and instructions for how to rid yourself of BV for good. 

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So, if you really want to say good-bye to your BV, you need to take full advantage of systems like Instant Bacterial Vaginosis Relief and all of the resources available to you.