Effective Natural Treatment For BV Reduction And Prevention

BV, or bacterial vaginosis, is not an easy medical condition to live with.  Not only that, but it can cause a lot of long-term problems.  That's why finding methods of natural treatment for BV reduction and prevention is so important.

The Hazards Of BV:

2BV itself, first of all, is not a fun condition by any means.  It can cause unpleasant odor, sticky discharge, cramping, bleeding and even burning sensations.  So, among other things, it can completely destroy your sex life and leave you in constant discomfort until it is cured.

The problem is even worse when you consider the extra issues that a case of BV can create.  For example, if you happen to be pregnant, BV could threaten your child's life.  Another issue is that untreated BV can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which can sometimes lead to fatal complications.

Another problem is the social shunning associated with BV.  Not only can sex when you have BV be uncomfortable, but it can make you more susceptible to getting other STD's, such as chlamydia and HIV.  Also, some people might assume that you have another STD and, as a result, you might find that your entire social life, both sexual and not, disappears.  That's all the more reason to find a treatment for BV early on.

Why Treat BV Naturally?

Treating BV naturally is really the way to go.  That's because using man-made treatments and prescription medications will often cause you more problems.   For example, antibiotics can kill off all of the good bacteria in your vaginal region.  Since good bacteria protect your body from infection, that can temporarily relieve BV, but leave you even more vulnerable to a relapse of it.

Another thing to consider is that medications for BV, especially oral medications, can come with a long list of side effects.  You could develop nausea, headaches and dizziness, for instance.  You could also find that you lose your appetite, have an acid reflux-like burning sensation in your throat or even develop a severe vaginal yeast infection.

Aloe Vera As A Treatment For BV:

One natural treatment option for bacterial vaginosis is aloe vera gel.  You can actually apply it to your vulva and it should help to reduce the itching and swelling associated with a BV infection.  Not only that, but it also has antibacterial properties, which will help to kill off any bad bacteria and stop more bad bacteria from invading your body.


One of the great things about aloe vera gel, aside from the fact that it is an all natural substance with no harsh side effects, is that you can actually grow your own aloe vera plants. 

You can't get much more convenient than having a BV treatment sitting in a plant pot right in your kitchen.  All you have to do is open up the leaves of the plant with a knife and harvest the gel as needed.

Of course, you don't have to grow your own aloe vera plants unless you want to.  You can find aloe vera gel pre-packaged in almost any drugstore and many grocery and department stores.  Some aloe gels even contain other soothing elements. 

Although, you should make sure that those elements are safe for lower body use, since some ingredients can cause a burning sensation, especially if you already have bacterial vaginosis.

Green Tea For Getting Rid Of BV:

Another great way to get rid of BV is to use green tea.   Green tea has many medicinal uses.  For example, it can fight viruses and infection.  It can also sooth cuts and burns, boost the immune system and even cure acne.  Since BV is a bacterial infection, that makes green tea a perfect treatment for it.

Green tea is also great because it can be used in many forms.  Most people choose to brew it and drink it.  However, the moist teabags can also be applied directly to the skin to relieve itching and burning, especially from sunburns.  If you have BV, though, your best bet is to use a natural vaginal cream that contains green tea.  You can also drink some green tea, if you like.  The teabags should not be applied directly to your lower regions because the added moisture and heat could cause more bacterial growth.

Vitamins And Minerals As A Natural Treatment For BV:

Another natural way to cure bacterial vaginosis is to restore the balance of health vitamins and minerals within your body.  Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to eat too much junk food lately.  If you're one of those people, you could be deficient in a number of minerals and vitamins that are perfect for bacterial vaginosis prevention.

There are a lot of vitamins and minerals known for their curative properties.  Zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese are all wonderful, if you have BV and want to be rid of it for good.  However, you shouldn't take in too much zinc or iron, since that could be worse than not getting enough.  Be sure to look up exactly how much a person of your age, size and gender is supposed to take in during a 24-hour period.

Many of the B vitamins, including B-3 and B6, are also useful in the prevention or treatment of bacterial vaginosis.  So are vitamins A, E and K.  In fact, vitamin E is known for its power to heal the skin and the body.  It is rich in antioxidants and it is a natural pain reliever as well.

Program Yourself For Better Health:

You can only treat BV naturally when you are prepared to program yourself for better health.  It's definitely a multi-step process.  So, you need to be prepared to do things like change your diet, your lifestyle and even what you wear, as well as taking natural supplements to get rid of your BV.  For that, you will need some professional advice.

There are many places to get advice on BV treatment, but you should try to find a complete treatment process, such as Instant Bacteria Vaginosis Relief.  Ir is a program that can give you many more great and little-known tips on natural treatment for BV.